One Year German Tm-Blog – Happy Birthday!


Exactly one year ago, on 26.08.2008, Mr._Impossible launched, alongside Hageldave and v000nix, the german TM-Blog, called „TManiacs”. Based on the english TM-Blog of Jozii, which in the meantime shut his doors, News, Tracks and Tutorials were to be assembled here. Of course, the blog has undergone alot of modifications since the first article, and so it comes that – apart v000nix – our authorsquad is a completely new one. In our review of the last year, we relived the year in detail: the authors, the blog and the big Trackmania-events found their rightful place inside of it.
Some might still ask themselves how this whole blog-thing started and how it went on to become what it is now. Where does the name „TManiacs” actually come from? And what do ourselves think about our work here? In the interview with Mr._Impossible, these questions – amongst others – will be answered.

Contests & Competitions always were a huge part of our work. It is not down to pure randomness that this category is the most filled one with 59 articles. That’s why, for our birthday, we came up with 2 huge contests, in which you will be able to win alot once again!

On the one side, there is the Blog-Anniversary-Track, built by tmjonas. This techy Desert-Map, which should be doable for every normal driver, is approximately 45 seconds long. Each of you, who breaks the TMX Top 10, will get 1000 coppers. Furthermore, we will hold a prize draw for 10 x 1000 coppers everyone who sent his replay via E-Mail will be in the draw-hat. More details are available in the corresponding article.

On the other side, there will be a…*drum roll*…treasure hunt!
Somehow comparable to the paper chase of last year, you will search Copper-Coins, which we hid inside the blog. Every coin is a maximum of 2 clicks away from the main page, which is why, luckily for you, there is no need to look for a needle in a haystack. All the informations you need can be found in the respective article.

We hope you like the articles and activities which, quite honestly, we prepared in a rush.

Looking forward to a second year along with the best community in the world!

Your blogteam: Mr._Impossible, v000nix, Schandmaul, Madderikk, rapidoraton, Leo, Alex, Nym, tmjonas, Amprosius

Thx to XR MasterGary for the translation of the german original.


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  2. Congrats, wish you sucess in future years.
    (hey, same comment system as TM-blog)

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