Interview with Florent (English Original)


Schandmaul: Hi Florent, first of all: Great job with Canyon! What is the thing in TM2, you are most proud of?

Florent: The personal feeling that we succeeded in making arcade and realism well together. People miss the good old arcade time, but they want today’s graphic and immersion. Combining everything is really hard at all level, like for gameplay.

Did you have the opportunity to integrate all your ideas, or are there some aspects, you couldn’t add for technical or financial reasons for example?

This is rarely a question of financial reason. The difficulty in making a game is to be able to make the things work altogether. If putting money in box would be enough to make a game, we could do the same with good cooking. The limits are our own human limits and the time. Happily, I have a team of champions and they are really good at handling incredibly complicated things. They are also going very fast. In fact, I don’t even have time to make everything I should do. There is always a big thing I must think on or to spend time to design a feature better before talking with them about it. Nonetheless, there is always a lot of things I would like to do, but most of the time, we end up with a solid game. We always would like to have more blocs, but again, it is more about having the right people and the right team to make quality than making quantity.

Do you have some interesting plans, concerning TMUF?

We have made a lot of things on it for the last five years and I think it has reached it’s stable transformation. There is so many things we have add. Maybe some can even discover more: type ghosts while holding the right mouse button in the menus and find out what happen ^_^

Can you keep to your plans, to publish one environment every three months (alternating TM, SM and QM)?

I always try to say every four months, which make three titles per year. Maybe it will be a little more, or a little less, depending on the title, the calendar and our success with the title.

What is the state of the next Trackmania 2 Environment after Canyon? When can we expect first informations?

We had to stop Valley because it was too difficult to make a TM² environment from start to the end wihtout spending time and looking at how we would do some stuff in other environments. First information should arrive around 8 or 12 months after first information about Canyon, depending if it will be the third title or fourth of Maniaplanet.

What’s the actual status of SM and QM?

SM is quite advanced but there is still crucial development to be made to raise it at the level we want. It is great and we are very proud of the product so far. QM is for after, and we are working actively on systems that will really be the fondations of it. It should be the title to best use the power of the Maniaplanet system, even if ShootMania will benefit a lot from it.

Will Questmania contain a real story, or will it be an advanced minecraft-editor?

I will avoid to answer the question, but I can say that if we do a story to make the game interesting, the interest of the game ends with the story. So, there is less chances that we go in that direction, unless many good reasons. We will see.

Who is the best driver from the Nadeo-team?

Nicolas aka Legor won the internal Canyon tournament at Nadeo, I was second :/ At Nadeo Live, Jeryo is catching up and Farfa has still great difficulty to finish the white tracks.

Thank you for the Interview!

You can find a German translation here…


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  3. Hylis thank you very much for this Easter Egg – can you tell me if you have put more EasterEggs in Trackmania? I tried out to write „nadeo“, „hylis“, „campaign“, „sunrise“ but nothing happened…
    Also please put in some in TM2 then I will tryout a lot of words. 🙂

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